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AGG - Word used for cool or awesome.

Agitator - A device within a hopper that assists in the feeding of paintballs through the use of paddles attached to a motor.

Anodize - A process used to coat and often times color aluminum. This anti-corrosion coating can be applied with color for better looks.

Anti-siphon tube/valve - A mechanism that is used to keep liquid CO2 from entering a marker by using a bent tube that takes air from the top of the tank when parallel to the ground.

ASA - Air Source Adapter. A place on the marker where a tank can be screwed into, depressing the pin and pressuring the marker.

Aztec - A type of bunker that is shaped like a four-sided pyramid.


Ball Detent - A device within the marker that prevents multiple more than one paintball from being fed, typically through the use of a ball bearing or plastic piece just infront of a paintball when the bolt is in the open position.

Barrel - The tube protruding from the front of the marker from which the paintball is accelerated and exits.

Barrel Cover - Often refered to as a barrel condom, this is a sleeve that is placed over the front of the barrel with an adjustable strap that goes behind the feedneck to secure it onto the marker. This is used as a safety measure to prevent an accidentally shot paintball from hitting anything.

Barrel Plug - A device that is inserted into the end of a barrel to prevent paintballs from shooting out of the marker on accident, although this type of a device is not as safe as a barrel cover since a barrel plug may shoot out of a marker after a few shots.

Blind Fire - Shooting without looking at where the paintball is going. This is a common mistake by new players since there is little chance of eliminating a player.

Blow-back - 1. An open-bolt marker whose cocking sequence uses the air used to fire the paintball to reset the hammer and bolt. 2. The air that is vented through the feed tube resulting in decreased efficiency.

Blow-forward - A marker that operates by using the air pressure to push the bolt forward and a spring to return the bolt to the open position. Mags are an example of thsi design.

Bolt - The part of a marker that prevents air from escaping through the feed tube, and also moves back to allow another paintball to be loaded.

Bore - The inside diameter of a barrel.

Bounce - When a paintball hits a player and does not break.

BPS - Balls Per Second.

Break - When a paintball splatters inside the barrel.

Break - The period at the very beginning of the game when players run to a bunker.

Bunker - Anything that can be used as cover.

Bunker - To fire upon a player by running around the sides or shooting overtop their cover.

Burst Disk - A safety device attached to paintball tanks that bleed off air if the tank is over-pressurized.


Caliber - Either the diameter of a paintball or the size of the inside of a barrel.

Capture the Flag - A type of paintball game where there is either one flag that either team must bring to the opponents side or where each team has a flag and must return their opponents flag to their own flag station.

Case - A case of 2000 paintballs.

Center Flag - A type of paintball game where a flag is stationed in the center of the field, which must be taken to the opposing team's base.

Chop - When a paintball is only halfway fed when the bolt closes resulting in the paintball being cut in half.

Chrome - A shiny, silver coating that is typically applied to steel or brass for looks.

Chronograph - A device used to measure the speed of paintballs fired from a marker.

Closed-bolt - Describes a marker that fires a paintball while the bolt is at rest. Anotherwards, when the trigger is pulled, the paintball is fired first, followed by the bolt moving back to load a paintball and closing again before the next trigger pull.

Constant Air - Refers to an air source that typically does not need to be swapped out during a game, which is usually everything except 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Cradle - A type of drop forward that can be adjusted.

CTF - Capture The Flag.


Dead Box - A place on a field where elimated players go to.

Delrin - A type of plastic that does not need to be oiled commonly used on bolts. Certain grades of drelrin will swell if oil is applied to them.

Detent - Short for ball detent.

Dimple - Describes a paintball that has indentations.

Dorito - A type of bunker that has four sides looking like a 3d dorito.

Double Feed - The event when two paintballs are completely or one completely and another partially fed into the marker caused by the first paintball rolling forward. If this does not result in a broken paintball, range and accuracy will be greatly reduced. Ball detents are used to prevent this from happening.

Double Trigger - A trigger that allows the user to fire with two fingers, typically the index and middle fingers.

Drop Forward - A piece attached to the bottom of a marker's trigger that moves the ASA forward in order to allow for a more compact setup.


Elbow - An angled tube used to connect a hopper to either sidefeed or powerfeed allowing the hopper to sit vertically while the paintballs are fed at an angle.

Electropneumatic - Describes a marker that fires with the assistance of a solenoid and small computer.

Elimate - To mark or otherwise cause a player to be removed from the game.

Expansion Chamber - A component used to expand liquid CO2 into a gaseous state before reaching the internals of the marker.

Eye - An electronic component that detects if a paintball is in the breech.


Fan the Trigger - When a player uses their entire arm without gripping the triggerframe to fire the marker.

Feed Tube - The part of the marker that the hopper is inserted.

Feet Per Second - The standard unit of measurement for the speed of a paintball. One foot per second equals approximately 0.682mph.

Field Strippable - Able to easily be taken apart during a game without tools.

Fill - The actual paint within a paintball.

Fill Station - Large tanks that are used to fill smaller tanks between games.

Flag Station - The part of the field where the flag is hung.

Fore grip - A piece attached in front of the triggerframe that is used as a place where the user can hold the marker.

FPS - Feet Per Second.

Full-auto - Used to describe a marker that will fire continuously while the finger holds down the trigger.


Gas Through Grip - A foregrip that is typically mounted on a vertical ASA and an air fitting for macroline or steel braided hose.

Gas Through Stock - A stock that screws into a bottom line ASA and has an air fitting that is typically used for a remote.

Gat - A slang term for a very nice marker.

Gear Bag - A bag made for carrying their paintball gear, sometimes built for a certain users specific marker.

Gogged - When someone is shot in the mask.

Goggle Fan - A small fan that can be mounted within a mask to prevent fogging and allow for increased circulation.

Goggles - Another name for a mask.

Guppy - Another name for a pod.


Hammer - The part of the marker that strikes the valve allowing air to pass that will propel the paintball.

Harness - A piece of equipment, typically in the form of a belt, used for carrying pods and sometimes tanks.

High Flow Valve - A type of valve required for low pressure markers.

High Pressure Air - A propellant made of what we're breathing.

Honing - The process to smooth the inside of a barrel or other cylindrical hole.

Hopper - A container that feeds paintballs into the marker.

Hose - Any type of tubing used to move air from one place to another.

Hose - To shoot excessive amounts of paint.

Hot - Used to describe a marker that is firing over the field limit.

HPA - High Pressure Air.

Hydrostatic Test - A test done to determine the integrity of a paintball tank. This needs to be done to a HPA tank every 3 or 5 years.

Hyperball - A type of speedball field made up of black, round drainage pipe.


Impeller - The paddle within a hopper that agitates the paintballs.

IVG - The velocity adjuster of an Autococker.



Kill - To elimate another player.


Lens - The transparent plastic that protects you eyes.

Light Up - To shoot another player multiple times.

Loader - Another name for a hopper.

Lower Pressure System - A marker that is set up to use a much lower operating pressure resulting in reduced noise. There are many debatable advantages to this that can be read in the low pressure article.


Macroline - The black, somewhat stiff tubing for transferring air, typically bettwen a bottomline and foregrip.

Mag - A type of blow-forward marker made by Airgun Designs.

Marker - Politically correct term for a paintball gun.

Mask - The safety device that covers your face and allows you to see. Can withstand atleast up to paintballs travelling at 300fps.

Milling - A customization where metal is cut away both for looks and to make the marker lighter.

Motorized Hopper - A hopper that assists in feeding paintballs.

Mug - British variant of bunker.

Muzzle - The front tip of the barrel that the paintball exits.


N2 - Short for nitrogen.

Neoprene - A type of material commonly used for tank covers to help keep it from getting damaged.

Neutral - Used to describe a player who cannot shoot nor be shot. Must be designated by a referee, sometimes done for a paint check.

Newbie - A term for new players with a negative connotation.

Nitro Tank - A common way of saying HPA tank.

Nitrogen - A gas that can be used to fill HPA tanks.


O-ring - A rubber or plastic ring used between connects in paintball markers to make an air tight seal.

On/off - A type of ASA that can press or depress the pin preventing air from entering the marker.

Open-bolt - Describes a marker whose firing sequence begins and ends with the bolt in the back (open) position.

Overshooting - To shoot a player an excessive number of times.


Paint Check - When a player is examined by a referee to determine if a player is elimated during which the player may be declared neutral.

Paintball - 1. The game of playing with air-powered marker firing paint filled gelatin capsules. 2. Spherical capsules approximately 0.68 inches in diameter filled with a colored water soluble liquid.

Paintball Gun - The actual pneumatically controlled mechanism that fired paintballs. Paintball marker is the more politically correct term.

Paintgun - Variant of paintball gun.

Pin Valve - A type of valve that uses a spring loaded pin that must be depressed in order to allow air to be released.

Pod - A tube used to store paintballs that is typically carried on a pack and used to quickly reload a player's hopper during the game.

Porting - Small holes put in the front end of a barrel to reduce noise and vent air from behind the paintball to theoretically prevent the sudden escape of air behind the paintball when exiting the barrel from effecting accuracy.

Power feed - A type of feeding system that looks like a diagnal tube sitting on top of the marker that allows blowback to be vented instead of pushing paintballs upwards into the hopper.

PSI - Pounds per Square Inch. This is the standard measure of pressure when talking about paintball markers.

Pump - Used to describe a marker in which the user is required to manually cycle the bolt back and forth to chamber another paintball.


Q-Loader - A feeding system that uses a spring loading pod allowing for incredible loading speeds and elimating the need for a hopper.

QEV - Quick Exhaust Valve is a small attachment added to a ram on an Autococker allowing air to be vented from the ram quicker, which gives slightly higher rates of fire.

Quick Disconnect - An air fitting that allows a player to easily detach components of their marker by permitting the user to quickly disassemble the air fittings.


Ram - A component that is used to cock the marker, usually found in high-end markers.

Ramping - When a marker increases the number of shots fired relative to the number of trigger pulls, for example a player pulls at ten times in one second and the marker instead fires at 15bps.

Recball - Variant of recreation paintball.

Recreational Paintball - Paintball that is non-competative, which is the most common type of play.

Regulator - A component that regulates the air pressure within a marker down to a set point, whether that point is fixed or adjustable.

Remote - A device that allows a player to have the marker seperate from the air source typically through the use of a coiled flexible hose.

Rifling - Spiral grooves within a barrel in attempt to get the paintball to spin, which, if achieved, has been proven not to increase accuracy at it does in typical firearms.

ROF - Rate Of Fire.

Rupture Disk - Variant of burst disk.


Safety - A device used to prevent a marker from firing.

Scenario Game - A large scale paintball game that usually lasts a long time with a story to go along with it.

Sear - A piece that holds either the bolt or the hammer back, which are released when the trigger is pulled.

Semi-auto - Used to describe markers that require a single trigger pull per shot.

Shoot Down - When an air source is no longer recharging the marker quick enough to fire the next paintball at the expected velocity resulting in a slower velocity for each successive shot.

Short Stroke - When a marker does not fully cycle because of an incomplete trigger pull causing the bolt to return forward too quickly resulting in a pinched or chopped paintball. This is most well known to occur to players that are unaccustomed to Autocockers.

Side feed - A type of feeding system in which paintballs are fed at an angle into the marker, and an elbow connects the hopper to the marker allowing the loader to remain vertical.

Snap Shoot - To briefly aim and fire exposing yourself for a short amount of time before returning to cover of the bunker.

Speedball - A very quick type of paintball that occurs on small fields whose games typically last under 10 minutes.

Spotter - A teammate who guides another player by acting as their "eyes and ears."

Stock - 1. A component that allows a user to shoulder the marker. 2. A marker that has not been upgraded since it came from the factory. 3. A class of paintball markers that uses 12gram CO2 cartridges and ten round tubes.

Sup'air - The most common type of speedball for tournament games that uses inflatable bunkers.


Tank - The bottle that holds the propellent measured in either ounces for CO2 tanks or cubic inches for HPA tanks.

Tape - The extreme right or left of the field near the sidelines.

Thread Saver - Something placed on the threads of a tank to prevent damage.

Tournament - An official event consisting of competing organized teams.

Tourney/Tourny - Short for tournament style of paitnball.

Trigger - The lever pulled in order to fire the marker.



VA - Vertical Adapter

Valve - The component within the marker that controls the flow of air. This primarily refers to either the valve that allows air to the bolt and firing the paintball, though there are other valves on a marker.

Velocity - The speed of the paintball or the velocity at which the marker is set, which is usually measured in feet per second.

Velocity Spike - An occurrence when a marker briefly begins firing above the expected velocity that it had been set to.

Vertical feed - Often abbreviated as vert feed, this describes a marker where the the feed tube allows the hopper to sit exactly above the marker.

Verticle Adapter - An ASA just infront of the trigger frame that can be used to insert a tank vertically, though there is often a foregrip placed there instead.


Wiping - To cheat by wiping the paint of a hit off yourself.

Woods - A type of paintball, sometimes called woodsball, whose games last longer than speedball and take place in natural terrain.


X-Chamber - Short for expansion chamber.

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