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Last update: October 2nd

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Umpteen BPS

I am becoming extremely tired of people bragging about the absurd rates of fire that marker achieves. I understand perfectly well that high rates of fire improves a player's effectiveness so long as he knows how to use it. The more paint that is thrown at the opponent, the greater the chance one will break on him. A Tippmann Model 98 does not stand a chance again an Ego when both players are of equal skill. However, I can't come to comprehend why someone would want to get a 30bps readout from their marker. “...I was able to hit 30 cycles per second per the shot counter on the LCD readout. [Why] anybody needs a marker capable of that rate is beyond me but when achieving this I could feel that little tingle of excitement run down my spine and if that alone was worth the price of this marker then there are no regrets for buying the Ego” (Andrew C. Syren, Planet Eclipse Ego in Review, The Paintball Times). The author appears to have common sense, but that last statement scares me. First off, you will probably never feed paintballs that fast with a standard hopper. Secondly, why on Earth do you need that!? If you continue to feel the insatiable desire to purchase the marker, then it's your ego suckering you in, and it looks that their marketing scheme worked flawlessly.

One deceiving factor about the superiority of these ridiculously fast, not to forget ridiculously expensive markers are their typically not so frugal users. I own an autococker with an E1, and, although I don't feel overpowered by other faster markers, I find that owners of the latest Matrices have a tendency to throw a lot more money at my bunker than I'm willing to throw at their's. Of course, if I was playing in a tournament, my mentality would be different, but these are recreational games played with little kids. Therefore, it appears that I am unable participate in long ranged firefights with insanely fast markers, although, in reality, I simply don't want to waste any of my six dollar hopper at them. In the end, fire superiority in most games is a measure of wallet size, not who can shoot umpteen balls per second.

Marc Andrysco ( marc dot andrysco at gmail dot com )
October 2, 2006

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