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To Shoot or Not to Shoot the Ref

Any experienced paintball player knows the situation. You have a killer shot on an opponent, but a ref is unfortunately standing directly in the way. Your options are either A: fire a warning shot over the ref hoping that he moves quick and risk the opponent noticing your position or B: fire a paintball at the ref to get him out of the way quickly. On one such occasion, I fired two shots very close to the referee's head. Neither caught his attention, and therefore I began streaming paint at my target, one of which caught the referee's mask. As I had feared, it was already too late and the player retreated back into his bunker. This brings up the question: should I shoot the ref if he/her is in the way and doesn't watch out or should I try my best to warn him/her first? Since I'm not very competitive at paintball, I try to warn him/her; however, if they take no heed, I won't feel bad if one “accidentally” clips them.

Before deciding to pluck the ref, I strongly advise that he/she is actually in the way. During a woods game at a self-regulated field, I took up the ref's vest for a game. A few minutes after the game began, I heard someone shout out “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” I glanced around me and saw absolutely no reason to move, so I stayed put. A few seconds later there was a sharp sting square in my back, after which I promptly moved the side. I surveyed the player's target, and humorously realized he was raining paint on his own team. Therefore, please, please check who you're shooting at. Although, refs, don't flip out every time you get shot; it's a part of being a ref.

Marc Andrysco ( marc dot andrysco at gmail dot com )
September 18, 2006

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