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Pump or Electro?

I have played paintball by both taking carefully aimed shots with a pump-action marker and throwing dozens of paintballs at an opponent in hopes of getting a single hit. Many times I have been criticized for bringing a pump marker onto a field full of semis because of the sheer lack of firepower. Despite the extremely slow rate of fire, they often find themselves eliminated by my precision placed paintballs. I'm unsure whether opponents feel safe against a pump player and get too cocky or the greater emphasis on aim helps improve my game, but I often find myself playing better pump than I do with a semi. Absolutely nothing matches the satisfaction of watching a player with equipment that fires umpteen balls per second walk off the field aggravated to know that you and your pump marker eliminated him.

However, while playing with a pump, I frequently find myself thinking “If only I had a faster marker, I could have nailed that guy.” There are numerous occasions that I feel completely pinned down by opponents with fast markers that prevent me from making a decisive move. It's times like these that persuade me to pull out an electro marker. Using superior rates of fire against others, I can achieve dominance over a field, and, when the opposition is similarly equipped, I can compete in a firefight. With high rates of fire, I can provide cover for teammates on the move and mark players on the run.

I could go on all day explaining why electro is better than pump, and yet I could take that same time to describe the advantages of pump play. It may sound cliché, and it is extremely cliché, but there is no one style that all players like. There's no one-size-fits-all that satisfies everyone, and each player needs to find their own niche. Personally, I like to go back and forth between pump and electro. Often, I pull out my E-blade Autococker when the opposition has fast markers, and, when they consist of a lot of new players or I'm low on paint, I'll play pump. My suggestion: try out both types of markers and choose which style of play you like best.

Marc Andrysco ( marc dot andrysco at gmail dot com )
August 29, 2006

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