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Balls Rolling Out the Barrel

Just about every marker uses a ball detent that work wonders preventing paintballs from rolling out the barrel. Even with a detent, closed-bolt markers are often plagued with paintballs rolling out the barrel after it has been loaded. This is caused by the lack of a stopping device once the breach has been closed. The obvious solution is to get a barrel that fits the paint, often achieved through the use of a barrel system. This solution, however, only works most of the time and costs a bit of money. When using a freak system, I found that a paintball's size varies enough that occasionally a paintball will roll out the barrel regardless of how well a majority of the paintballs fit a given insert.

One day when I was toying with my marker, I thought to myself, “the gap between the paintball is paper thin, literally.” Then I got the idea to place a single piece of masking tape partway in the back of the barrel to allow for a tighter fit. This idea worked miraculously. All it takes is a small piece of tape approximately ¼ inch wide and an inch long, although you can play with the size of the tape if paintballs still roll out. The tape is placed lengthwise along the back of the barrel so that a small section goes inside the barrel while the remainder is stuck to the outside of the barrel, although the outer tape should not overlap the threads.

Using this system on many markers through which thousands of paintballs have been fired, I have yet to break a single paintball. This idea has been called both stupid and ingenious, although the results are difficult to argue with. A friend of mine had a broken ball detent, and, to remedy the situation, he simply used a little piece of tape. I have even let people use the marker without the knowledge that tape had been placed in there, and they didn't notice any problems at all.

The following are some images of my setup.

It's all yellow from being in there for long.

Can't even be seen when the barrel is on.

Marc Andrysco ( marc dot andrysco at gmail dot com )
July 20, 2006

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